We researched long and hard to find the perfect solution for carrying a water bottle on the trail. While we have water bladder systems, we wanted to be able to carry electrolyte drinks as well. There are many pouches and straps available, but all were rather expensive and seemed limited by size and accessibility. Arbor discovered the Aquaclip and we ordered a few to try.

They ended up being a perfect solution. They are inexpensive at $3 each and the simplicity of the design allowed us to hang them in a variety of places on our packs. This ended up being especially important as we decided to carry multiple water bottles. They are also super light at .38 ounces, which is important for anyone trying to keep pack weight low. (something we need to get better at!) Getting to the bottle on the move is a breeze and just as easy to reattach without breaking ones stride.

The only downside is how easy they are to leave behind. Because they don’t attach permanently to a pack, like a velcro pouch would, its not hard to set a bottle down and forget to bring it along when you get up and leave. Arbor lost three bottles with Aquaclips on the River to River Trail this way. 😉

All in all, I highly recommend the Aquaclip to backpackers and day hikers alike.